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“Oh. So, you’re a travel agent.” That is the response I usually get when I tell a layman that I work in the travel industry. Well, nope, I’m not a travel agent. I don’t give travel advice to travellers. At least not professionally. What I do give is travel advice to Travel Agents (if need be) and thus sell my travel offerings.

Most people associate tourism with travel agencies, airlines, and hotels. Nothing new. But those who work in tourism field know that it takes a lot of different companies to work together and create the wonderful holidays that we offer the end user, our travelers.

It takes some time to explain a layman about the dynamics of our Tourism Industry. I nonetheless love to brief them. Here’s an excerpt.

So, have you ever thought of how many companies it takes to create a package for beach holidays in — let’s say — exotic Oman? Let’s take a look.

To start off with, more holidaymakers than you think book their holidays with a travel agency — online or brick and mortar, doesn’t matter. Then there’s the airline, the hotel, and the bus that will get you from the airport to the hotel and then back again.

Maybe the holiday package also includes a full-day sightseeing tour out into the desert, which usually requires a bus, a driver, a professional tour guide, entry to the various points of interest, and a restaurant to have lunch.

And finally, you might want to get travel insurance. Just in case you or your loved ones get sick and have to cancel. Very often you can get that insurance right along with your holiday booking.

Add it all up, and you’ll notice that almost a dozen different tourism companies are needed to create a very basic holiday package. And by the way, a travel agent works with many of these.

Some holiday packages are a bit simpler, others more complex. And often, traveler’s organize everything themselves — or at least they think they are. But at the end of the day, most holiday packages are created through the close collaboration of a dozen or so tourism companies and many more tourism professionals.

So, the next time you go on a holiday, give it a try: Count the different types of services that go into making your holiday the well-deserved break from the daily grind. You’ll be surprised at how many companies are involved.

One last thing… I haven’t told you yet what I do in tourism. I help these International Travel Companies connect with the Travel Agents in India and offer my sales and marketing consultation thus making it easier for tourism companies and professionals to work together. These International Travel Companies can be Destinations, Attractions, Tour Operators (DMC), Airlines, Cruise companies or any other travel products who want to expand their reach in the Indian Market.

Most of the times they get it J

Take a Glimpse – About us

Rudra Marketing is a young and energetic Sales, Marketing, PR and Representation consultancy serving the travel & tourism industry. We provide an opportunity to Destinations, DMCs, Attractions, Airlines, Hotels and various tourism products to increase their reach and visibility in the Indian Market.

We create Experience Marketing. We break down walls and build relationships. After all, Travel Community today seek products and services that fit their needs – functionally, financially, culturally and socially. The ways we relate to each other may have changed. The need to relate never will. That’s how we handle relationship – Person to person, company to customer, brand to buyer … we’ve been breaking down the walls between clients and their target audience around India since 2014. Delivered in real time, across multiple platforms, we are experts in Sales and Marketing – both Offline and Online.

Founded by Nikita Rawtani, our mission is to help passionate tourism professionals and companies break out of their financial and geographical confines, and build profitable business relationships with members of the Indian Travel industry – regardless of their size or location.

We are dedicated to introduce the World to India!

Customer Touch Points we live by (From a B2B perspective)

Handling B2B clients can be demanding, challenging and even nerve wrecking at times! Ok, I’m exaggerating J

Meeting Travel Agents can be fun and one of the best means to network, gather current happenings, market information and insights straight from the source.

However, we cannot miss the fact that almost every day a good travel agent meets a minimum of three industry associates either from a DMC or an Airline or an OTA or a Destination… the list goes on.

The below listed best practices, if followed religiously, does have an impactful result.


We are in India, meeting travel agents every week is beyond impossible. But we can certainly spare a minute to talk to our customers.

How can we blame them if they don’t remember us or choose our competitor to buy our offerings. The key is – Out of Sight is Out of Mind.


Reach Out – There are myriad ways. If you want to experiment Indian market or are low on budget, start with email marketing, actively promoting your company / product on Social media. Gradually you can increase your budgets and expand your reach.


Team meetings and briefings form a part of our daily routine and we take it seriously.

Read. Read about the market dynamics, the clients we are meeting regularly, update yourself with industry movements, discuss scenarios and new learnings – we come across scenarios every day. Sharing best practices should be a part of our daily learning. It’s the best food for thought.

This is what we encourage our employees – To learn and understand the market, talk to the clients and understand their pain points. After all, it is the rapport and the personal relationship that determines ones worth in this dynamic market.

P.S: All the facts are based on India Market analysis. The writer has expressed her views based on day to day experience. The views may differ from the person to person and we hold no responsibility if it has not worked in their favour.

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Yours Truly,

Nikita Rawtani

P.S:  This blog is not meant to offend anyone and the readers thought may differ. Feel free to share best practices.